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My Favorite Apps

Great tools make engineering life an order of magnitude better. And they also inspire you to make something great as well. These are my favorite tools.


A fantastic HTTP client for macOS with Cloud Sync. The use of tokens is simply great.


Git but visual. I really enjoy macOS native apps and this is definitely one.


A lovely and fast terminal app for macOS.


Design with a coder's mindset. Try it. Also macOS native so it really feels fluent.

Step Two

The most beaurtiful 2FA Tokens app I've ever used. Syncs your tokens between iOS and macOS using iCloud.


A great RSS Reader that combines multiple sources in one app. You guessed it, macOS native!

VS Code

It's a good editor. Doesn't feel very native and I don't like the Microsoft feel of it. But the ecosystem of extensions is simply amazing. Extensions I use are Docker, MongoDB, GitLens, ESLint, GitHub Actions & AWS.


The UI feels very open-sourcey but it does a great job at converting any video for web.

Studio 3T

Absolutely the best MongoDB client there is, but oh-my-god the interface feels so sluggish.


An engineer's best friend for installing Linux-like tools on macOS.

iCloud Keychain

I use Safari daily, to this is the best password manager for me. No need to buy anything else really.


If you ever need to do HTTP(S) sniffing from iOS or macOS, ProxyMan is a great MITM-proxy.

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